Impact Report No. 2: Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation

Impact Report No. 2: Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation


Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation


Lea Carawan, Executive Director


Congressman Randy Forbes formed the bi-partisan Congressional Prayer Caucus 12 years ago and it has grown to more than 100 members of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The foundation, headed by businesswoman Lea Carawan, supports the members in Washington D.C. as well as elected leaders of faith across the country.

She noted that progressive organizations and foundations, such as those led by George Soros, have been trying to eliminate Christianity from the public square for decades with a coordinated plan. She said that anti-faith organizations are out-spending faith-based groups by a 9-1 margin. She showed a chart that named the Ford, Hewlett, Carnegie and Tides foundations as well as Soros as being part of the anti-faith effort.

The caucus foundation is spearheading a collaborative movement called LIFFT America (Leaders Inspiring Faith and Freedom to America) to reduce the levels of animosity, restore civility to the discussion and protect the role of faith in American. The plan is designed to impact every sphere of culture with a new narrative and specific actions around faith and prayer in the public square.

The goal is to mobilize 8 to 9 percent of the population—that’s enough to affect the culture.
The overall strategy is simple: pray, take a stand and move forward. The goal is 1,000 elected leaders of faith supported by 100,000 churches and striving to keep faith in America. The strategy for 2018 centers around monthly outreaches starting with Religious Freedom Day on Jan. 16.


In addition to the detailed LIFFT American plan, what are additional ways we can engage legislators, churches, business leaders, educator, the media and faith-based organizations with winsome, unifying messages around faith, Christian values and religious freedom.


Partners attending: Larry Wiens, Esther Wiens, Kim Pace (facilitator), Mark Klopp, Ted Hahs.

Partners suggested developing both grassroots and more formal strategies to get people to attend January National Freedom Day in person or by Facebook live steam. Suggested using Facebook live stream as key connection to churches participating in the February event. The live stream should show the church standing together with talking points delivered to pastors ahead of time. If this works, use the same strategy for colleges.

The second suggested initiative is to build four-person prayer groups that commit to pray together weekly for 15 minutes around common points for a month. Match people in the same time zone who do not know each other through the home page on the website. The points would include story plus suggested topics. The goal is to build a huge, national prayer chain.


After discussing the Ideation with Lea, she and coach Bruce McIntosh agreed that the organization did not need help from Barnabas at this time. Bruce’s view is that the organization is well-oiled and well-funded machine in their core mission of networking Christian state and federal legislators in prayer. Bruce left the door open to future discussions.