Impact Report No. 16 Parenting Modern Teens

Impact Report No. 16: Parenting Modern Teens


Parenting Modern Teens


Sean Donohue


After 15 years in youth ministry, Sean founded his family coaching business doing one-on-one coaching with the teenager who was facing challenges and the immediate family of the teenager. He’s recruited other youth pastors to be part of his coaching team.

To grow his business, he’s been speaking in schools, offering parenting seminars and an internet newsletter. Eventually, he would like to expand the coaching offerings to include men, women, small groups, churches, teens and “tweens.”

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How can Parenting Modern Teens get family coaching tools to more families around the country, ideally scaling it nationally with a strong online component.


The Ideation was facilitated by Jim Wambach and Matt Pease is coaching Sean. A total of 14 people attended.

Sean’s gifting as a visionary serves him well in creating and developing the family coaching model but leaves him lacking in operational skills. He acknowledges this and seeks advice from seasoned business people who can help take Parenting Modern Teens from a regional three-person company to one that has national impact.

Key points that came out of the ideation are: there is a lot of work to do locally before the organization is ready for entering the national stage: creating a COO or similar position, developing an operations-marketing focused Advisory Board, codifying processes, refine program management and identify the profile of the target client. The guiding word for Sean is FOCUS to protect the brand and in building the business.

Of the nine specific action steps suggested, Sean with the help of his Barnabas coach, Matt Pease, agreed to the first tackle three:

(1) Write a business plan with time table and budget.
(2) Create an Advisory Board of seasoned, business-oriented professionals, starting with a desired skill set and job description for each member.
(3) Finish the Coaching Training Packet.


Sean went back to his team and they have eagerly focused some of the on-line strategies offered by the ideation attendees. The key thing for Sean will be to remain focused on the bigger strategies to accommodate their growth.