Impact Report No. 14: Center for Urban Renewal and Education

Impact Report No. 14: Center for Urban Renewal and Education


Center for Urban Renewal and Education


CEO Star Parker, Executive Vice-President Derek McCoy


Star rose to national prominence when she helped guide the welfare reform legislation in the early 1990s. She founded CURE after that work and spoke at the Republican Convention in 1996. She’s a frequent commentator on national cable TV shows and writes a weekly syndicated national column that reaches 7 million readers.

The challenge as she and Derek presented is how to help the organization and its work be as well known as Star is personally. Their work has three columns:

  • Public Policy through engagement with politicians and their staffs on why conservative, marketplace solutions are the best way to help distressed communities and people get out of poverty. They emphasize faith, personal responsibility and freedom to help people move from poverty to dignity.
  • Media through Star’s speaking engagements and the website to bring information to urban communities.
  • National Clergy Network to bring together black pastors working in urban environments who lean conservative and have a Biblical world view. Members attend an annual policy meeting in Washington D.C. and receive weekly emails and other communications to help engage with their communities.

Star summed up the CURE approach as advocating Christianity, capitalism and the constitution. Star regularly receives calls from White House staffers who rely on her for guidance on issues around race, culture and poverty. She advocates eliminating the many federal anti-poverty programs and instead giving block grants to the states.

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How would we go about expanding the branding of CURE and building awareness of our organization nationally? Star expressed a sensitivity about the potential need for CURE to exist independent of her influence.


Vance Hardisty facilitated the session that was attended by Derek and Star as well as seven partners in person and two via Zoom.

After discussion the Big Question was changed to: How can CURE benefit from Star’s influence and rising popularity so that

  1. CURE benefits and doubles the number of black evangelical pastors in the network, and
  2. Evangelicals are motivated to provide significant financial support to CURE.

The group focused on strategies for doubling the number of black pastors and increasing CURE’s impact within the evangelical community so that they were motivated to give. Actions steps included a 6-pronged approach to revising the pitch and an 8-pronged approach for doubling the number of pastors.

  • Key concept: CURE exists to change policy.
  • Key positioning: Increase CURE’s visibility by leveraging Star Parker ‘s popularity and influence as the CEO of CURE
  • Key slogan: Changing Laws to Change Lives!

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