Impact Report No. 12: Freely in Hope

Impact Report No. 12: Freely in Hope


Freely in Hope


Nikole Lim


In April of 2016, Founder and International Director Nikole Lim presented to Barnabas, San Francisco Bay Area chapter. She explained that her organization focuses on supporting women who are rape survivors.

The five-year-old program in Kenya started after she produced a film, “While Women Weep,” and got to know some of the women and teen-aged girls who were victims of rape.

The program helps victims overcome the trauma from the violence and then covers high school and college costs for their “scholars.”

The Kenya budget is $104K annually. Scholarships cost $4k for high school and $10k for university, plus staff costs of $900 per month for a social worker and $300-$500 month for interns.

In 2015, 18 scholarships were awarded, and 400 girls heard storytelling.

Two further positive outcomes of this ministry have been the way

  1. Her older scholars have come alongside younger ones,
  2. Scholars have developed their own prevention/awareness programs for other young women.

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Based on our successes from the past five years, how can we create a business plan and a development strategy for growth over the next five years?


Nikole discussed needing $40,000 to fund a second film and wanted to identify potential crowd-funding sources.

She also needs help in writing a business plan and help in finding a board member in Kenya where her program started.

Partners suggested that the overall operations are really in two parts:

  1. The US operation, which could drive fundraising possibly from Silicon Valley companies using a matching fund concept and possible partnership with US corporations doing business in Kenya. Crowd funding such as Go Fund Me and Kick Starter were also cited as potential fundraisers.
  2. The Kenya operations, which needs one good program manager.

Three key action steps were:

  1. Meet with two Livermore church staffers to get their first-hand experience in working the locals in Kenya.
  2. Develop a job description for Kenya program manager.
  3. Put together a good short presentation that can be used to tell people and companies about Freely in Hope to encourage financial contributions.

“…It’s been two years since we last connected, I thought I'd give you an update on progress since then based on our last action plan.

Last time we spoke, I needed some advice on hiring in Kenya from other leaders working in-country. You connected me with Livermore church staffers—we had a great conversation together and they shared of their work in other regions within Kenya. After interviewing many qualified people for the position, the Board and I decided to hire more of our alumni and community members as staff members to fulfill our mission of equipping survivor-leadership. Four out of four full-time staff members are survivors of either sexual or domestic violence.

In the past two years that they've been working with us, they have shown incredible leadership and have established strong connections with our communities affected by violence because of their shared stories. Recently, we hired 2 contractors to continue equipping the leadership of our staff. This model is allowing us to further achieve our mission of survivor-leadership by allowing the decision-making to be determined by the survivor-leaders, while being guided by contractors, the local Board, and executive leadership.

The film production idea is still in the works, but we have had to funnel our energy toward diversifying funding streams. We launched the Advocates Society to strengthen our peer-to-peer fundraising efforts among our current supporters. Just the other day, an 11-year-old held a bake sale that raised over $3,300 for our sexual violence prevention programs!

We did put together a presentation to share the success of our 17 survivor-leaders and our programming that has the capacity to reach 5,000 students by the end of this year.

Lastly, our 8th Anniversary Gala is coming up on August 25 in San Francisco. This year, Lydia, our sexual violence prevention coordinator, will be joining us from Kibera (East Africa's largest slum in Nairobi) to share about the survivor-leaders she's been developing and the impact she's making through our sexual violence prevention programs. Attending this event would be a great way to learn more about our programs first-hand from our staff (and alumni) of our programs!”

Freely in Hope now operates in five locations in Kenya, two in Zambia and in Cape Town, South Africa.