Impact Report No. 5: Enterprise Restart

Impact Report No. 5: Enterprise Restart


Enterprise Restart


Dr. Geni Boyer, Executive Director


Dr. Geni Boyer, Executive Director of Enterprise Restart, explained that her program equips men who need a fresh start to succeed. She currently is offering classes to four different groups, including the incarcerated, soon to be released inmates and the formerly incarcerated. She also partners with Modesto Gospel Mission to serve people in recovery or homeless.

Her program is based on Romans 12:2: “Be transformed by renewing your mind.” Helping clients transform their minds and then teaching them both practical skills and "soft" (life) skills has resulted in 80 percent of the participants getting jobs. Geni starts by giving each man a screening tool and then uses those results to show the client who God created him to be.

To provide practical application, Geni's group operates an entrepreneurial program where graduates can learn skills and earn money. It is planning for an Enterprise Hospitality Center where people can live in a supportive environment, while earning money and save up for a permanent housing solution. This is an important step because her clients know that they do not want to return to their prior environment and associates. For more information, see


The Big Question for discussion concerned the Hospitality Center: “In what ways might we develop practical work habits and skills among Enterprise Restart students, in a supported work environment?”


Bob Garrett (facilitator), Len DiGiovanni (coach), Kim Pace (scribe) were joined by Geni Boyer and two staff members plus seven Barnabas partners.
After the discussion, it became apparent to Geni that the organization was spreading itself thin by taking on a broader range of services than they could successfully deliver. The ideation participants helped Geni identify key points: stay focused on core competencies, connect with county resources, pursue job development through county resources, create a sustainable prototype that can be replicated and to write a business plan that will help with grant funding.

14 actions steps were identified. The ministry decided to focus on:
1. Clearly defining a mission statement.
2. Outlining their skill set, population served and outcomes/goals.
3. Writing an elevator speech that expresses their newly honed focus.

Coach's Report:

All deliverables were met, including a deep dive on the logic model. Geni was very coachable during the process and was always ready for our calls with the agreed upon updates to the deliverables.

In addition to the first three items, the work on the logic model also revealed a major gap—the lack of sufficient housing to serve their students. This became a goal for 2018.

Update, April 2018:

Geni Boyer reported a very successful year after she worked with Barnabas partners and coach Len DiGiovanni, whom she credited with helping her focus on ministry’s core competencies.

Enterprise Restart now focuses on individual support for residents, while partnering with other organizations for academics and other training. Residents spend three days a week in classes and two days in volunteer work, so they learn to function well in the workforce. Their residents buy their own food and cook their own meals, so they become self-sufficient.

She said they have been working with 46 formerly incarcerated men who had served an average of 12 prison terms. Only three have been jailed again and six moved. The other 37 are either employed or in educational training programs.

Two men are employed by Enterprise Restart, Geni described them as formerly “bad dudes” whose lives have been so transformed that they want to help other men succeed.

In addition, the ministry wanted to establish their program in Patterson and found a house owned by a ministry that was not using it. They asked to use it for a couple of nights a week and instead were given the keys to the home. They now have 15 residents living there plus beds for another 10 homeless people to spend the night.

Enterprise Restart's work with Barnabas is a terrific example and testimony to the fulfillment of the Barnabas mission. Because of the partnership with Barnabas, Geni as a leader and Enterprise Restart as an organization, significantly enhanced their ability to move their mission forward.