Impact Report No. 4: Abortion Changes You

Impact Report No. 4: Abortion Changes You


Abortion Changes You


Michaelene Fredenburg, Founder


Abortion Changes You Founder Michaelene Fredenburg discussed the impacts of abortion on the circle of people surrounding the the mother-to-be, including the father of the baby, the grandparents and siblings of the baby.

Michaelene, herself, had an abortion when she was 18 and learned what a difficult journey it can be. After her abortion, Michaelene felt a deep sense of loss, guilt and grieving for the loss of her baby. Her anguish continued for two years before she sought help and finally told her parents and sister what had happened. Not until after Michaelene married and had children that she was able to go through a healing process.

Although numbers have dropped, there are still 1 million abortions a year in the United States and, statistically, 3 in 10 women will have had an abortion by the time they reach the age of 45. Of those women having abortions, 78 percent reported a religious affiliation and half of those go to church regularly.

The Abortion Changes You website offers hope for healing through God’s mercy and grace. Michaelene’s big question is how to prioritize expansion of the organization’s Safe Place Training in the Bay Area. They already are working with Real Options (which also has presented at Barnabas), where a post-abortive staff member runs quarterly retreats for women seeking healing from abortion.

The organization has a good partnership in their home San Diego area with the Catholic Archdiocese and is building on that with the San Francisco Archdiocese. Her goal is to reach out into the evangelical community with its pregnancy centers, many of which offer post-abortion care. For more information, please see


How can Abortion Changes You expand training and distribution of resources in the Bay Area?


After discussing the Big Question, the take-aways were these: Abortion Changes You should start to build connections with the pregnancy centers and also identify secular organizations that may be partners. Barnabas partners agreed there was a need for Abortion Changes You's services and training in the Bay Area. The direction was to build a partnership with one pregnancy center and see how that works before expanding to others.

Working with Coach Mark Tilton, the plan was to explore partnerships and build a plan around reaching out to pregnancy centers and their executive directors, as well as building on what already is going on with Real Options.

Follow-up Report, November 2017:

Michaelene reached out to SF Bay Area Chapter Co-Managing Partner Larry Wiens to share developments that happened after the initial Barnabas  Meeting presentation and Ideation.

Her organization has received a $10,000 grant that resulted from a lead provided by a Barnabas partner. It will be used to train Catholic institutions. Two trainings were scheduled for February for Catholic Charities in San Francisco and another will be held for St. Joseph’s Seminary in Menlo Park in the fall.

The presentation also resulted in an invitation to present to The Barnabas Group, Dallas Chapter, that resulted in several other connections.

She also was introduced to Sandy Olsson, Beverly Pop and Nadya Dickson, leaders in the Master’s Program for Women. They are discussing providing training to their coaches.

“As you can see, we were so blessed by the opportunity to present at San Francisco Bay Area Barnabas Group. Thank you so much!” Michaelene wrote in her email.