Safe Families Northern California

Safe Families Northern California (SFNC) is a revolutionary non-profit that seeks to protect children from potential neglect or abuse arising from a crisis by providing them with a safe, stable, temporary home and reuniting the family as quickly as possible when the crisis is resolved. SFNC acts as a connector, providing a much needed safety net to families that might otherwise find themselves socially isolated and at risk of falling apart. SFNC staff actively reach out to community agencies that regularly interface with families in crisis (e.g. hospitals, social services, homeless shelters, food pantries, etc.) to increase awareness of SFNC’s mission and services. SFNC also trains families from local churches to volunteer as hosts, so that when a local family finds themselves in a crisis situation they have a network of people they can turn to for temporary overnight childcare so that the parent(s) can resolve the crisis and reunite with their children, often in the most stable home environment they have ever experienced.

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