Center for Urban Renewal and Education

The mission of CURE is to fight poverty and restore dignity through a message of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility. CURE addresses issues of culture, race relations, and poverty in public policy, the media and in poor communities. CURE was founded in 1995 as America’s first national organization to reach specifically into our nation’s most distressed zip codes with advocacy and action to promote and protect America’s founding principles of Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution.

CURE is the only DC-based organization that exclusively focuses on public policy that promotes market-based solutions to fight poverty in African American communities. We accomplish that mission through a network of civic, business and clergy leaders. We build these networks in order to find ways of dismantling government dependency and advance economic growth through faith, family, and local governance. For more than twenty years, CURE has been a leader in the fight to transition America’s poor from the bondage of our welfare state.

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