Asia Leadership Development Network

Asia Leadership Development Network exists to identify, transform and mobilize emerging young leaders through holistic leadership development, resource platform creation and collaborative initiative in churches, in the community and in the marketplace. We actively work with emerging next-generation leaders in Pastoral Leadership and also in Marketplace Leaderships. We have a unique holistic leadership program called Seven Lamps. Seven Lamps is a pastoral, church-planting leadership training program, which was developed based on transformational mentorship models. The method of Seven Lamps is for senior leaders to train and mentor 8-12 emerging young leaders for two years in areas such as spiritual formation, healthy relationships, servant leadership, and also community transformation topics. We actively initiate the cultural and social transformation dialogues among leaders. We reach, we try to influence them with work and faith/Business as mission concepts. We are also in the process of creating a network of mentorship initiatives among marketplace leaders in Mongolia. That includes working with entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs with a co-working space platform in the heart of the capital city of Mongolia, where mainstream culture is created.

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