Presenting Ministries

  • Abortion Changes You

    Abortion Changes You

    Abortion Changes You is a safe place to begin healing for men, women, family members, and friends who have been touched by abortion. With an online interactive healing website, in Spanish, and printed healing resources, Abortion Changes You…

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  • Asia Leadership Development Network

    Asia Leadership Development Network

    Asia Leadership Development Network exists to identify, transform and mobilize emerging young leaders through holistic leadership development, resource platform creation and collaborative initiative in churches, in the community and in the marketplace. We actively work with emerging next-generation leaders in…

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  • Athletes in Action Super Bowl Breakfast

    Athletes in Action Super Bowl Breakfast

    Super Bowl 50 was held in Santa Clara February 7, 2016. It was preceded by the Super Bowl Breakfast on Saturday, February 6 in downtown San Francisco. The event features the presentation of the Bart Starr Award, as well as…

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  • Bethany Christian Services

    Bethany Christian Services

    Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit organization that brings families together and keeps families together. Strengthening families for the well-being of children is our top priority. Our services include adoption, foster care, and pregnancy counseling. We also provide counseling…

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  • Center for Bioethics and Culture

    Center for Bioethics and Culture

    The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network (CBC) addresses bioethical issues that most profoundly affect our humanity, especially issues that arise in the lives of the most vulnerable among us. We work through a variety of media platforms—documentary film, writing,…

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  • Center for Urban Renewal and Education

    Center for Urban Renewal and Education

    The mission of CURE is to fight poverty and restore dignity through a message of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility. CURE addresses issues of culture, race relations, and poverty in public policy, the media and in poor communities. CURE was…

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  • Community Options for Families and Youth

    Community Options for Families and Youth

    At COFY, our mission is to restore relationships and build hope. When possible, we strive to keep youth with their caregivers and out of residential institutions so they can stay in their communities. By creating a strong therapeutic relationship, we…

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  • Concerned About Recovery Education (CARE)

    Concerned About Recovery Education (CARE

    Franklin Street Home is a sober living transition community for men released from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The men placed in our home must apply for admittance before being released from prison. The men come to Franklin…

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  • Congressional Prayer Caucus

    Congressional Prayer Caucus

    The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that unites, equips and mobilizes the largest nationwide network of federal and state government leaders who are committed to standing for faith. We implement an offensive strategy that partners prayer with…

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  • Firm Foundations Romania

    Firm Foundations Romania

    Firm Foundations Romania (FFR) started with a diaper. This simple item was the ticket that allowed volunteers to start holding babies and children who were left in the Brasov Children’s Hospital. FFR now provides 56,000 diapers annually and runs an…

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  • Foster The Bay

    Foster The Bay

    Foster the Bay is a coalition of churches committed to providing a loving home for every child in foster care across the Bay Area. The foster care system is in crisis. There are more children being removed from their homes…

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  • Free Wheelchair Mission

    Free Wheelchair Mission

    The far-reaching affects of poverty, lack of education, limited resources and disease are unrelenting — and the need for mobility in the developing world is as great as ever. Some estimates indicate that among the 2 billion people living on…

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  • Global Action

    Global Action

    Global Action is a dynamic nonprofit ministry that creates sustainable gospel movements for Christ by providing foundational pastoral training and advanced church training and support for under-equipped pastors and influencers in developing countries around the world. Its Global Church Foundations program teaches…

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  • GoCorps


    GoCorps is an on-ramp for Christian young adults to use their degree and live on mission globally for two years. We are a partnership of leading missions organizations that have linked arms to streamline the process of going. Our mission…

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  • Groundwire—Jesus Cares

    Groundwire—Jesus Cares

    Groundwire founder Sean Dunn is a regular speaker and enthusiastic partner with Barnabas Groups all over the country, including the S.F. Bay Area Barnabas Group. Years ago, Groundwire grew out of his existing ministry when Dunn received the inspiration to use…

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  • Insight Christian School

    Insight Christian School

    Insight is a fully accredited secondary school (6th-12th grade) that has served students for nearly 25 years, offering a college preparatory education. Jesus has consistently used the staff and fellow students to transform lives. The graduation rate is 100 percent…

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  • Lamplighter


    Mark Hamby, founder of Lamplighter, says, "At Lamplighter, it is our conviction to produce stories that will inspire our readers. It is our commitment that each Lamplighter book instills moral values through role models that either demonstrate exemplary behavior or…

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  • Love Your Life Ministries—BarbTV

    Love Your Life Ministries—BarbTV

    Barb TV, hosted by Barb Marshall, started as a local cable TV show in Ukiah. The show targets the unchurched and the de-churched by sharing real life stories of hope and transformation. It has grown organically to 14 cable outlets…

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  • Medical Ambassadors International

    Medical Ambassadors International

    At Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) we build relationships with the world’s most vulnerable people and together we work to heal communities, both physically and spiritually. We envision a world of thriving communities where people experience reconciliation of broken relationships, restoration…

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  • MedSend


    MedSend enables highly qualified and dedicated healthcare professionals to serve spiritually and physically needy people around the world in the name of Christ by making their monthly educational loan payments for them while they serve.

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  • Meta Design & Manufacturing

    Meta Design & Manufacturing

    At Meta Design & Manufacturing Inc, we thrive on a positive entrepreneurial spirit of making things. We use state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies to help our clients solve problems and get their product into production. Our technology includes Computer Numeric…

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  • Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation

    Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation

    The Mighty Oaks Foundation is committed to serving the brokenhearted by providing intensive peer-based discipleship through a series of programs, outpost meetings, and speaking events. Our Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs include Men, Women, Mentorship and Marriage Advance Programs at multiple locations nationwide. The Warriors who…

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  • Miracle Messages

    Miracle Messages

    Miracle Messages reconnects people living on the streets with their loved ones (and us), through short video messages and social media. We partner with shelters, public libraries, churches, and soup kitchens to train volunteer detectives and offer Miracle Messages through…

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  • New Day For Children

    New Day For Children

    In partnership, New Day for Children provides long-term residential care and education to American minor girls, ages 10-18, rescued from sex trafficking. We have had 80 girls to date with an average stay of 15 months, but as long as…

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  • Operation Worship

    Operation Worship

    Operation Worship deploys Free military themed Bibles to all branches of the military all over the world. Since 2006, Operation Worship has deployed almost 1,000,000 Bibles to our troops from bases here in the United States to the battle zones…

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  • Outside The Bowl

    Outside The Bowl

    Outside the Bowl’s vision is a world in which all children are physically and spiritually nourished. OTB is accomplishing this through an innovative approach that essentially manufactures hot, nutritious meals in industrial kitchens. Outside the Bowl's Super Kitchens can cook…

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  • Parenting Modern Teens

    Parenting Modern Teens

    We show parents how to expertly parent their modern teen into maturity and responsibility. We coach teens to become mature, responsible, successful adults. We coach teens, parents and families in their homes, at coffeeshops or while doing activities and outings.…

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  • Plant With Purpose

    Plant With Purpose

    Plant With Purpose is a Christian ministry that serves extremely poor farmers around the world, focusing on those farming land that has been badly degraded. Working in eight countries, serving 180,000 people, we turn a vicious cycle of deforestation and…

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  • Radiance School of Ballet

    Radiance School of Ballet

    It has been my joy and pleasure to help Anastasis Ballet Company grow their ministry by adding the Radiance School of Ballet. Anastasis started five years ago with a desire to use their God-given talents to glorify God through ballet…

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  • Rainbow Acres

    Rainbow Acres

    Rainbow Acres is a Christian residential community for adults with developmental disabilities. It empowers Ranchers to live to their fullest potential with dignity and purpose. Each Rancher has an individualized plan and can live on at Rainbow Acres throughout their…

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  • Read2Win


    Read2Win matches local churches with local public elementary schools. We inform, equip, and train volunteers to use our 28-week lesson plan to give the gift of literacy to thousands of first grade students. Our customers are the churches and volunteers…

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  • Safe Families Northern California

    Safe Families Northern California

    Safe Families Northern California (SFNC) is a revolutionary non-profit that seeks to protect children from potential neglect or abuse arising from a crisis by providing them with a safe, stable, temporary home and reuniting the family as quickly as possible…

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  • StoryRunners


    StoryRunners leads a five-week project called the School of Storying to produce a set of 42 oral Bible stories into a local language. These start with Creation and continue through the Return of Christ. Local speakers are trained to develop…

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  • The Human Trafficking Institute

    The Human Trafficking Institute

    The Human Trafficking Institute exists to decimate modern slavery at its source by empowering police and prosecutors to stop traffickers. Working inside criminal justice systems, the Institute provides the embedded experts, world-class training, investigative resources, and evidence-based research necessary to…

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  • Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center

    Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center

    Barbara Saba has led the Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center since its founding almost 25 years ago. With the lease expiring on the original office space the center had occupied on Amador Valley Boulevard in Dublin, she knew the organization needed…

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  • Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

    Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

    An acclaimed international expert on China’s One Child Policy, Reggie Littlejohn, has testified six times at the United States Congress, three times at the European Parliament, and she has presented at the British, Irish and Canadian Parliaments as well. Her…

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